UltraMAX EZUV 24V (Low Voltage) Single Remote Lamp Series

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The Ultravation UltraMAX EZUV 24V (Low Voltage), Single Remote Lamp Series is an affordable, high output, line of duct-mounted, ultraviolet, germicidal, air treatment system. Perfect for protecting new HVAC equipment or replacement components from mold and bacteria.

This unit comes standard with a single 12″ or 17″ remote T3 Enhanced UV-C Lamp, operating at 24 VAC, mounting brackets and wiring, power supply, UV light shield, UV lamp safety interlock, and UV status viewport lens.

Optimum location is the supply side of the HVAC system, or areas of known source contamination. Be sure to check the UV resistance of any HVAC components before subjecting them to UV Light. We recommend having your local HVAC company install it for you. It can easily be installed by a handyman or HVAC contractor within 15-20 minutes.

These models are most effective for treating spaces ranging between 800 ft2 and 1200 ft2 and are also used for irradiating the cooling coil. You may contact us any time for technical support, recommendations, or any other questions you may have about this product. We will gladly assist you.

Features include:

  • Mounting brackets and wiring
  • UV status viewport lens
  • UV lamp safety interlock system
  • Premium high intensity low mercury UV-C lamp
  • Low Voltage 24 VAC
  • Power Supply
  • UV light shield
  • Optional PCO Module available

Replacement Lamps: UMX2412   EZ UMX2417   EZ PCO Module