Air Duct Cleaning Specializations

Air Duct CleaningWe have the cleaning equipment and the experience to properly service the following types of buildings and operations.

VentTec is very sensitive to the specific needs of each type of client. We also meet with you and learn about your specific issues and concerns and ask the questions that you may not ask just to ensure that we do a great job of cleaning your air ducts.

Your 100% satisfaction is our goal.

Duct Cleaning for Hospitals

All mechanical ventilation systems should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure that they are kept clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air. Regular air duct cleaning for hospitals is clearly essential.

Inevitably all air duct systems become dirty over time. A regular program that cleans the ducts and cleans or replaces air duct filters is an important part of patient and staff comfort and hospital maintenance.

Duct Cleaning for Managed Care Facilities

Managed care facility managers are encouraged to undertake regular cleaning of the air ducts of the heating and cooling systems along with a visual inspection of the duct system to ensure that a proper program of duct cleaning is implemented and maintained.  VentTec can work with you to set up a duct cleaning program that is optimized for your building and your situation.

We know that you realize the value your air handling system has on the comfort and health of your clients. VentTec can help you to achieve and maintain a clean air duct system thereby maintaining air quality at a high level for the comfort and safety of your guests and staff.

Duct Cleaning for Schools

EPA reports show that poor indoor air quality can hinder focus and concentration leading to poor performance and increased student absenteeism. Poor indoor air quality causes health problems including asthma, allergy symptoms, headaches and upper respiratory illness. Health school environments also improve teacher retention.

It is important for schools to maintain their air handling systems by having a regular air duct cleaning program.

Duct Cleaning for Condo Associations

Most Condo and Town Home associations take care of a number of things for their residents. This can include things such as having the sidewalks shoveled in the winter and the lawns mowed in the summer. Another important aspect of association maintenance is the air ducts of the units. This could include the ducts for the HVAC system and also the dryer vents.

Duct Cleaning for Building Management Companies

VentTec specializes in commercial HVAC air duct cleaning. We service the needs of condominium managers, property managers and building facilities managers. We are fully insured. We clean air ducts and dryer vents.

VentTec is a member of and is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Associations (NADCA).

Laundromats – Dryer Vents

Dryer vent cleaning is of the utmost importance in the upkeep and safety of your dryer equipment. If you are a Laundromat owner, your dryers are getting a great deal of use. Lint could build up in your ducts at a very fast rate. You should clean your dryer vents often.

Keep you dryers working efficiently and safely.

Duct Cleaning for Office Buildings

If you notice lingering odors in your building, weak air flow from central air vents, or excessive dirt around the vents, you most likely have an air circulation problem due to a dirty central air system. A problem in office buildings is poor air flow. At your office, if you notice the symptoms of reduced air flow, chances are the air ducts in your building many need to be cleaned.

Duct Cleaning for Residential

You may not think that a home needs it air ducts cleaned but there is a tremendous amount of dust in most homes (whether old or new). VentTec can make sure that your home has air ducts that are clean and providing you with fresh and healthy air.

Duct Cleaning for Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities and factories can create dust. This dust can get into your air ducts and if it does it gets distributed around your facility. VentTec can perform a duct cleaning without interrupting your production. By cleaning ducts, dust collectors, machinery, fixtures, trusses, and pipes, we reduce airborne particles that get into computers and sensitive electronic equipment and that you and your employees breathe.

VentTec is member of National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

Duct Cleaning for Fitness Centers

Fitness Clubs are a special breed. People that go to fitness clubs to work out are there to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle. That means that they are extra sensitive to the quality of the air that they breathe.

Keep the quality of the air in your fitness center the best that it can be and keep ensure proper customer satisfaction as it relates to the quality of the air in your fitness facility.

VentTec is member of National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).