How We Work

How We Clean Your Air Ducts

VentTec has over 30 years air duct cleaning experience. We use a process that helps to educate the consumer and that will provide you with complete satisfaction. Click here to view our Air Duct Cleaning Credentials.

You may also have some specific questions and these may be answered on our Duct Cleaning FAQs page. Feel free to look over this page for the answers to your questions and we invite you to call us at 888-316-0233 if you have any other questions or need more of an explanation.

First of all we will review the entire cleaning process with the home owner, property manager or facilities manager.

VentTec encourages you- the home owner – or any facilities or maintenance personnel to discuss the cleaning process with us. We want you to know the value of duct cleaning and how maintenance and cleaning will improve the quality of the indoor air and the life and efficiency of your air handling system.

Next, we prepare the site for proper cleaning of the air ducts.  A flexible vacuum hose is connected to your ducts and then attached to a high pressure HEPA vacuum/collection system. It is attached to the air ducts either by removing an existing vent or by making a clean-out opening in your air ducts. After the cleaning is completed, if we made a specific opening to perform the cleaning, then this opening will be sealed using special access doors or hole plugs which can then be used for future cleaning and easy inspection of your air ducts.

After the vacuum hose has been connected, all vents throughout the building are closed or covered, and the vacuuming process begins. With the high pressure vacuum in place and operating, we proceed through the home or building and use a special compressed air guns and whips to clean the air ducts with physical agitation. Each duct is thoroughly cleaned and the dust and dirt (and anything else in the airstream) is collected by the high pressure HEPA duct cleaning vacuum.

We always use compressed air and mechanical agitation devices to dislodge the dirt and debris which is then collected by the high pressure HEPA vacuum or HEPA shop vacuum used for manual brush vacuuming. The vacuums collect all materials and all materials collected by the high pressure vacuum are removed from your air duct system.

Finally, we will clean the air side of your furnace or HVAC system and all of the return grilles and supply diffusers to ensure that they are free of any debris and are operating at optimum performance.

When we have completed this duct-by-duct (room-by-room) process your air duct system is now clean!

VentTec cleans the entire airstream of your ductwork, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. We clean the supply ducts, return ducts, fresh air intake ducts, exhaust ducts, supply plenum, return plenum, air handling unit, air side of heat exchangers, blower fan, housing & compartment, cooling coils, heating coils, turning vanes, dampers, sensors, and any other associated components.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

We also clean dryer vents and this helps dryer efficiency and reduced the chance of a dryer vent fire.

We go through the entire airstream of the dryer exhaust including, the dryer, all the vent pipe and the dryer vent mounted to the outside wall of the building.

We make sure your entire dryer exhaust vent in completely clean and free of any lint and debris.

We can also install a special cage on the outside of your building to prevent ant birds from entering and building nests in the vent system.