How To Select A Duct Cleaning Contractor

How to Select a Duct Cleaning ContractorIf you need to have your ducts cleaned and do not know how to tell a top level and reputable air duct cleaning contractor then use the guidelines below.

Can the company show proof of National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) membership and certification?  VentTec is a  member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association with at least one Air System Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) and Certified Ventilation Inspector (CVI) on staff.  In Fact, the owner of VentTec was the first person in Vermont in 1996 to receive ASCS certification by NADCA.

Ask how long has the contractor been in the residential HVAC system cleaning business?  VentTec’s Owner has been in the business of cleaning air ducts for over 16 years.

Can the duct cleaning contractor provide you with evidence of the current Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance coverage? (Ask for Certificate of Insurance)  VentTec can provide you with these documents as we realize that this is important and good business practice to maintain proper insurance coverage. It protects you, our employees and our business.

Does the duct cleaning contractor posses the proper Licenses that are required by your city or state to perform the work they are proposing? VentTec maintains all the proper licenses for cleaning and maintaining your air ducts and for working on your HVAC systems.

Will the duct cleaning contractor provide you with 3 to 5 customer references with phone numbers for which they provided service in the last 30 days?  VentTec will be happy to provide you with references. Our customers are our best sources of referrals.

Will the duct cleaning contractor conduct a thorough inspection of your system PRIOR to performing any work and alert you to any problems? This is required by the current NADCA Assessment, Cleaning & Restoration of HVAC Systems (ACR) Standard.  VentTec always does an inspection of the system to be cleaned before quoting the air duct cleaning work and before any work is performed.

Will the contractor provide you with a means to conduct a visual inspection at any time during the cleaning? VentTec enjoys showing you how we work. Please feel free to ask to see what we are doing at any time during the air duct cleaning process. We can show you the inside of your ducts by using a mirror and flashlight, camera and/or access door which we may have installed.

Will the duct cleaning contractor be cleaning the complete system, including coils and fans?  VentTec does provide a complete service. We clean the entire airsteam of your system including, your air ducts, heat exchanger, blower fan, motor & compartment, your filters (or we replace them) and make sure that the coils and fans are cleaned and working properly.

Will the contracting company actually do the work? All of the cleaning work that VentTec performs is done by VentTec employees. We do not use sub-contractors.

Make sure that the duct cleaning contractor is very clear what the price will be and that the contractor will notify you in advance of doing any work that is beyond the scope of the stated price. VentTec will always make you aware of what the cost will be before performing any air duct cleaning work or repair.

The duct cleaning contractor may detect mold in the system, damaged fiberglass insulation, cooling coils that are not performing properly or fans that are not functioning. These may result in additional cost to bring the system up to top performance levels. However, the contractor must notify you in advance of any work performed. Rest assured that VentTec inspects all items associated with your HVAC system. We will notify you of anything we determine is not functioning properly before anything is done. We will provide you with our recommendations and help you to find a proper solution.

Your 100% satisfaction is our objective.