Duct Sealing for Homes

Aeroseal Duct Sealing - Energy Savings for Homes

Aeroseal Duct Sealing Technology

When your duct work is properly sealed you will benefit from:

  • Energy Cost Savings
  • Improvement in Air Quality
  • Enhanced Comfort

You want your air handling system to deliver air to all the rooms of your home without leaking processed air into crawl spaces, between floors or your attic. You also want to make sure that any return ducts do not leak air back into the living areas of your house.

Does you experience?

  • High Energy Bills?
  • A Heating or Cooling System that seems to run to long or too often?
  • Dust from Leaky Ducts?
  • Odor Issues or Poor Air Quality?

As a home ages the air duct system may develop small holes and cracks. These small holes and cracks can let processed air leak out and unprocessed air leak in.

The result can be a reduced level of comfort and an increase heating and cooling costs. It is impossible to ensure that duct leaks do not occur. It is common that ducts leak and many factors are involved such as the age of the dwelling, the type of construction, the type of duct work, the installation expertise and local building codes.

There is a solution to leaky air ducts. The solution is to seal them and Aeroseal technology is a proven method for sealing duct work.

Repairing and patching leaks in HVAC duct systems saves cooling, heating, and fan energy. In air-based systems, ducts deliver all of the heating and cooling to conditioned spaces. Any duct leakage translates into extra air that must be supplied so sufficient heating or cooling reaches the conditioned space. This not only increases effective heating and cooling loads, it also increases fan energy due to increased flow and/or run time.

Sealing duct leaks reduces the amount of heated or cooled air the supply fan must push through the system to deliver the same amount of air to the conditioned space.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing Technology

VentTec is a certified and authorized provider of Aeroseal duct sealing technology. If you have any questions about the sealing of the ducts for your home please give us a call (888-316-0233) or we invite you to view our Residential Duct Sealing FAQ Page.